Social Media

Social Media Management



Engaging content for your page

Social media profile optimisation

Continuous monitoring of your social media profile

Extensive hashtag research, consistently updated

Monthly reporting

Social Media Advertising



Develop engaging advertisements

Spend your advertising dollars wisely

Advertise to your exact demographic

Identify and optimise low-performing areas of your ad campaigns

Get an insight on your ad performance

Social Media Profile Setup & Optimisation


Profile and business page setup

Complete info page

Upload visual content of the brand

Optimise page

Consultation on best practices for posting relevant content and creating links back to your website

Accounts include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn


Web Design


Website / Landing Page



  • Website design

  • Basic SEO Optimisation

  • E-shop

  • Google Analytics integration

  • Content creation & copywriting

  • Connect your domain & more



Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services



  • Keyword and competitor analysis

  • Creative design and copy-writing

  • Bidding strategy & budget management

  • Conversion rate tracking and optimisation

  • Regular ad improvements and ROI reports

Search Engine Optimisation Services



  • Valuable and engaging content to drive traffic & increase leads that deliver sales

  • SEO topic and keywords research to improve overall performance of your domain

  • Monitoring, responding to and optimising web content and KPIs based on performance metrics

  • Quality checks to consolidate and remedy content-related issues

  • SEO related duties - Track, report, and analyse website analytics

  • Creating strategies for landing pages that underperform in order to increase the performance

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